Here is a case example of machine lifting work.

  • Arrive at the site to raise the machine
  • A dedicated crane car is also accompanied
  • Put the machine down on the carrier of the transport truck
  • This time, Amada's Turret Punch Press VIPROS 367 has been brought to our Shiga Machine Center. We will introduce the situation.

①We arrived at the factory.

  • Scene of the site before starting work
  • Amada VIPROS planned to raise First of all
  • the state of the staff who starts with machine dismantling work
  • Pulling from the front of the machine
  • Upside down the back of the machine seen from the back
  • Machine seen from the back

We confirm the machine's status and environment at the factory. We will discuss with the owner about the process and schedule. This time, we did it in 2 days schedule.

②We disassemble the machine for easy carriage.

  • Loosen screws with tools
  • Work heavy parts steadily by hand
  • Work while checking with two people
  • Increase of machine internal structure
  • Disassemble machine body part
  • Disassemble lower part of machine
  • Dismantle the part where the machine and the ground are installed
  • Remove piping part of attached machine
  • Deterioration of machine top parts

This machine is too big to carry by truck as it is. So our technical engineer and staff disassemble the machine carefully.

③The truck arrives and loads the disassembled machine.

  • Shooting from the front of the machine transportation truck
  • Crane car lifting machine
  • Disassembly of VIPROS main body almost finished
  • Transportation of attached equipment with factory crane
  • Transportation of the working platform of the tare pan
  • Movement of machine body with pulleys
  • Before loading machine after decomposition on truck
  • Setting up the crane before lifting the machine
  • While lifting it on the transportation truck

We carefully and reliably load the machine on the truck. We handle the machine softly especially when pulling up and down to avoid the damage. We use the voice and whistle for safety. The work finished smoothly by our experienced staffs.

④After firmly packed into the truck, we clean the factory.

  • Work with all three truck cranes
  • Prepare for transporting after loading VIPROS
  • Fix the machine so that it does not move during transportation
  • Outside the building after work
  • We devised to cover the seat securely and carry the machine safely
  • Completion of packing by covering the machine twice in the machine
  • Taking a picture of the track after machine packing from the back
  • Truck that loaded the machine slowly appears
  • A scene of the site that carried out the machine before cleaning

After loading the mainbody and accessories, we cover them firmly. We use not only sheet, but also using another extra sheet. Asking the truck driver "safe drive" and after that we clean the factory after carried out.

⑤The truck arrived at the exhibition hall (machine center)

  • Truck arrives at the exhibition hall
  • Remove the sheet that you packed carefully
  • Also check machine body and attached equipment
  • Also check that there are no defects etc. during transport
  • Unload the trucks sequentially from the attached machine
  • Working with a crane in the exhibition hall
  • We carry fine parts etc with a crane
  • Be careful when dropping the crane onto the ground
  • Two people breathed together and unloading luggage
  • Very heavy machine body of VIPROS
  • Work with two people
  • Placing the machine while considering the subsequent setup

The driver brought the machine to our warehouse surely. Warehouse staff begin to unload it by using cranes. We unload the machine carefully as same as loading. It is important to do it "slowly and reliably".
It takes time to unload the disassembled accessories one by one, however we will do it carefully. Say thank you to the driver and finishing . From now on,it will be reborn as an exhibition machine with cleaning, painting, and maintenance.