What is laser processing machine?

  • Laser processing machine is a sheet metal machine that engraves, cuts, holes and marks various materials with invisible laser.

    Equipment using laser light are used in various fields in the world. It is used for relatively soft materials such as paper, cloth and leather, for cutting acrylic and metal, for medical use, and also for hair removal treatment.

    We mainly deal with laser processing machine for metal processing which can cut out or mark materials in arbitrary shapes using laser light.

    The laser processing machine for metal working will be explained below.
  • There are mainly three types of laser processing machine for metal processing, mainly "Fiber laser", "CO 2 laser" and "YAG laser". There is also another machine called "laser engraving machine" which is used for different purpose.Now, we will briefly explain each feature below.
  • ML 3015 (manufactured by Mitsubishi)
  • FO-3015NT (manufactured by Amada)
  • EML-3510NT (manufactured by Amada)

Fiber laser processing machine

  • It is a laser processing machine which appeared in recent years. It has an oscillator that generates laser light by a completely different mechanism from the conventional CO2 laser.

    The characteristic is that the running cost is much cheaper than the CO 2 laser and it can process high reflective materials such as copper and brass.

    The reason why running costs can be reduced is as follows.

    ① Laser gas is unnecessary
    ② Electricity cost can be saved (because energy efficiency is good)
    ③ Oscillator is maintenance free

    However, Fiber laser’s introduction cost is high. The selling price is higher about 1.5 times than conventional CO 2 laser processing machine. Therefore, if the machine's running time is short, we can not take advantage of the low running cost.

    On the other hand, if the operating time is long, it is exceptionally effective.

    Having said that, fiber laser is still quite few in the secondhand machinery market. We can also deal with brand new fiber laser if you need.
  • AMADA・Fiber laser processing machine①
  • AMADA・Fiber laser processing machine②
  • Trump made laser processing machine
  • Example of processed products (aluminum)
  • Example of processed products (brass)

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CO2 laser processing machine

  • Although fiber lasers came out, CO2 lasers are still at the center of the market. CO2 laser cut the material through mirror and lens discharging through the laser gas.

    Compared with fiber laser, CO2 laser's introduction cost is lower especially when cutting a thick plate. There are 2D and 3D lasers.

    2 dimensional laser processing machines processes sheet materials mainly.
    3 dimensional laser processing machines can cut and weld three-dimensional molded parts.

    They are the most popular laser processing machine as a standard for sheet metal processing.

    Until laser processing machines became popular, Turret puch press were used for same kind of processing.
    However, by replacing turret punch press to Co2 laser processing machine, productivity was improved because they don’t need to prepare and set toolings. Moreover, more complicated processing become possible by using laser processing machine. We deal with second-hand laser processing machines of Mitsubishi, Amada and other manufacturers.
  • Case study①→【Japanese】Customers who introduced a CO2 laser processing machine (made by Mitsubishi)
        Case study②→【Japanese】Customers who introduced a CO2 laser processing machine (made by Amada)
  • Made by Amada
  • AMADA・laser processing machine
  • Mitsubishi・laser processing machine
  • Metal processing example1
  • Metal processing example2

YAG laser processing machine

  • YAG laser is suitable for welding and cutting various metals, and it is also widely used also in the medical field.

    Taking each initial letter of the element which is used to generate laser light, it is called YAG.
    Compared with TIG welding, heat of YAG laser is concentrated in a very narrow range and welding speed is fast.
    So, heat input to the material is reduced.

    Therefore, YAG laser is possible to weld extremely less “thermal distortion”and “welding burning”which becomes a problem especially with thin plate welding.
    Furthermore, since postprocessing becomes almost unnecessary, it contributes to shortening the process.
  • YAG laser example 1
  • YAG laser example 2
  • YAG laser processing example 1
  • YAG laser processing example 2
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Points of choosing a laser processing machine

  • ① 2D or 3D?
    There are two-dimensional lasers for processing sheet materials and three-dimensional lasers for three-dimensional processing.

    Of course it is also possible to process 2 dimensions with 3 dimensional laser. In the first place three-dimensional lasers are more expensive, so if you are only planning to process sheet materials, you may choose a two-dimensional laser.

    ② Work size
    Basically, there is a standard for the size of the laser machine.

    According to steel plates of 4 '× 8' size(1200× 2400mm) and 5 '× 10'size (1500× 3000mm),2 dimensional laser machines are prepared.
    In case of larger machine, there are also "gantry lasers" which the gate type body runs on the rails.

    ③ Work plate thickness
    Depending on the material, the required output increases as the thickness increases.

    For example, if you want to cut 6 mm of iron, you may need a laser processing machine with 2 kw output on the oscillator.
    If you want to cut 16mm, you may need 4kw oscillator.

    In recent years, 6 kw oscillator has been released and about 24 mm cutting become possible.
    However, when the thickness is 25 mm or more, plasma cutting machines and gas cutting machines will be needed. In case of processing stainless steel and aluminum, conditions differs from iron.

    ④ material
    Basically you can process iron, stainless steel, aluminum with laser processing machine. If you want to process copper or brass, you need to select a fiber laser because these materials are difficult to process with CO2 laser.
  • Machine actually installed

Construction of laser processing machine

  • Laser processing machine usually has some accessories besides the main body.
    There are slight differences depending on model and manufacturer.
    Although there are slight differences by model and manufacturer,there are oscillator, chiller, dust collector, cooling tower, compressor,air tank, booster compressor, pallet changer, etc in addition to the main body.
    When you prepare accessories, you may need to take factory’s space into consideration.
    Below, please see the images of each part and accessories.

Shoot the main body from another angle

  • Working table of laser processing machine (obliquely from the front)
  • From the front
  • FO-3015NT Left side frontal
  • FO-3015NT Right side frontal

Laser head part

  • Enlarged image of laser irradiated part (head)
  • Laser irradiated part (whole)

NC controller

  • Enlarged image of NC controller
  • The whole NC controller


  • Part of the transmitter of the laser processing machine

Accessory equipment

  • Full view of the chiller partChiller
  • Air dust collectorDust collector
  • Overall view of the cooling tower sectioncooling tower

※All intellectual property rights such as model name and product name in this page belong to each manufacturing company.