Symptoms such as start does not start due to servo alarm abnormality etc.

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Status ・ Machine name(FBD1253Ⅲ LD)

① When returning to home position of L axis, it reaches the bag gauge receding end, it becomes a servo alarm, does not start up(FBD1253ⅢLD)
②Do not start up due to abnormal D-axis servo alarm(FBD5012F)
③The hydraulic motor does not turn It also caused a problem such as no alarm comes out although the lower table is not at the descending end(FBD1025F)
④symptoms and Z-axis operation failure can not be homing
⑤table does not rise
⑥after ⑤, when the increase in the lower table, speed switching position varies
⑦During the machining, after the occurrence of the alarm over the number of machine tons, the power switch of the press brake can not be turned on. * Line control alarm 100002 (press brake NC has become inoperable) (FBD1253MH)
⑧Foot pedal can not be stepped on / off (FBD 1253 hyper)
⑨Unable to return to the home position. Z axis operation failure (FBD 1025 F)
⑩Bending accuracy error (FBD 1030 LD)
⑪ D axis servo alarm occurrence (FBD 1253 + hyper console)
⑫At power on, D axis servo abnormality alarm occurs. Also, even if I turn off the power switch on the pendant part, the power does not turn off.(FBD1253FS)
⑬It is impossible to adjust foot pedal stepping (FBD 1253 Hyper)

Inference cause and correspondence

Both of ① and ② were defective servo amplifiers.

Regarding ①, the overcurrent lamp on the servo amplifier was lit. In ①, the torque balance check on the CPU board was normal. As we looked at other causes, it was in a state where the low speed rotation / reverse rotation signal did not come out of the servo amplifier, so we checked the operation after servo amplifier exchange and checked normal operation.

Regarding ②, servomotors and servo amplifiers that have been installed are not handled, so we installed and exchanged compatible servo sets.

③MC631 card, MC721 card, MC413 card etc. Board contact failure. By inserting / removing the board, normal operation was confirmed.

④ Vertical movement of the butt-contacting Z-axis Operation failure has occurred due to deformation of the feed screw portion, the bearing bearing, the guide rod portion holder portion, etc. After confirming Z axis feed screw and bearing exchanging operation, height adjustment Other, by parameter adjustment, completed.

⑤⑥ The main cause was a depressurization timer failure. There was a lot of burning of other relays, after confirming the operation several times after exchanging the pressure release timer, the table did not rise and the same symptoms became and the relay board was exchanged. After that, although the table started to rise normally, the speed changeover varies and the cause was confirmed. The timing belt of the table position detection encoder was burned out. After replacing the belt, normal operation was confirmed.

⑦MPC in Control Box (2) The LD1 lamp on the board was turned off. Therefore, after replacing the MPC (2) board and the system ROM, GAL (IC) on the board, normal operation was confirmed.

⑧Because the potentiometer attachment part was disconnected, when the pedal LS was turned ON, the table was in a state of rising / descending with the maximum output. Therefore, we adjusted the potentiometer mounting adjustment, operation.

⑨Vertical action of the butt-contacting Z-axis Feed defect due to deformation such as the feed screw portion, the bearing bearing, the guide rod portion holder, etc. Adjust the attachment height with the program by adjusting the YZ axis (left / right up / down) control, the L axis (before and after striking), and the D axis (table top and bottom) according to your die program Processing is possible situation. Parts replacement will be repaired at a later date.

⑩The parallelism of the table was bad. Adjust the table parallelism to within 0.02 left and right difference by the dial gauge, and level adjustment was done.

⑪ The timing belt on the D axis has run out. After exchanging, we checked the operation.

⑫D axis servo amplifier fault. Moreover, it was because of the contact failure of the relay that the power switch can not turn on / off with the key switch.

⑬Because the potentiometer attachment part was disconnected, when the pedal LS was turned ON, the table was lifted / lowered at the maximum output, so the potentiometer mounting was adjusted.

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