Examples of packaging for overseas transport

  • Overall picture of transport machinery (panel vendor). There is still cover.
  • Panel vendor shot from the side. Before applying rust stop.

Who’s request?

Indian customer purchasing machinery from us for the first time.

Type/model of the machine

Panel bender P4 - 2416

Customer’s request

It is shipping in FlatRack container from Japan to India. Since it will be a long trip, I am worried about important parts such as molds are rust. What kind of treatment would you take and shipping?

Answer from Mechany staff

We will ship the machine after carefully curing with rap, oil sprayer to prevent rust on important parts such as metal mold. Specifically, the following image is taken of the corresponding part.

  • After painting the chorus stop, start covering with the packing material.
  • After covering an important mold part, an image viewed from the side.
  • From the front left after packing (the cover is raised)
  • From the front right of the machine after packing (the protruding part is covered three times)