A day of sales staff

Mechany has six sales staff. In purchasing and selling, we will listen closely to the customer's story to meet our custumer's requirement.

We introduce a day of sales staff T.

Today's schedule is preliminary inspection for purchasing in the morning, and customer's attendance from abroad in the afternoon.

He heads to the factory of inspection first.

In the preview for purchase assessment, it is necessary to gather as much information as possible. In addition to taking pictures of the machine, of course, we can open the electric box, check the inside condition, check the maintenance record, and if possible check the operating status. We will not fail to confirm the route of taking out the machine, the width of the road etc.
Once we take the information back, we will submit "purchase estimate" later.

If someone eagerly measures the road width, that is me.

Now, in the afternoon I have to go pick up customers to the nearest station of Shiga Machine Center!

Customers who came to the machine center for the first time are surprised at the size of the building first. Anyway, they look around the machine center,and then, they check the target machine.

“More discount!”
“No, no!”

Apparently negotiation succeeded and he delivered the customer to the station.

After that, he made the document of "purchase estimate" that he inspected in this morning. Meanwhile, he responds to calls from customers.

Let 's submit quotation tomorrow.

Thank you for your hard work.